If asked to describe Valletta in a few words, the answer would not come easy. How do you convey the meaning of a 450 year old history, architectural momentum of intensive Baroque and a melting pot of current art and cultural events all in one breath? Hard work, my friends.


Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, Valletta’s narrow streets and jumping colours of balconies galore, often used as stunning backdrops for number of international art and fashion photoshoots bringing inspiration to many artists. It comes as no surprise for Valletta to be nominated as a European Capital of Culture 2018. Jump into the cultural buzz of art, music and history! Here you will never find yourself bored.


What’s best is that all the buzzing places, sites and events are reachable within minutes from AX The Saint John. Taste some of the greatest Mediterranean gourmet foods in quirky outdoor cafes or artsy indoor outlets and take a shopping tour through well-known designer brand shops and luxurious retailers. Valletta’s vibe changes from day to night and will guarantee to surprise you with curiosities found around every corner.


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We know you need someone to guide you through the local quirks and hidden treasures of the capital city. But fear not! We are here to help. Use this guide to navigate from the best sites to visit, to the best places to eat. Experience the coolest events and festas happening in Valletta, Malta and find out the latest news of the buzzing life of the island – all in one place.


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Destination Guide in Valletta - The Saint John Hotel in Malta


320 historical monuments, art galleries and museums, amazing dining experiences, extensive shopping scenery and much more. A true guide to help you navigate the historic Valletta.

Saxophonist - Valletta events - The Saint John Hotel in Malta


A full calendar of activities happening @Valletta2018 – European Capital of Culture. A fan of arts, music, history or all together? There is something for everyone!


Valletta 2018 News - The Saint John Hotel in Valletta, Malta

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