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Gay Pride Malta

Celebrate Malta Pride Week 2019 in Valletta!

Malta is considered to be one of the most LGBTIQ+ friendly countries in Europe and the Malta Pride Week is a true testament to that fact! The week-long celebrations see people from different walks of life coming together to display pride, equality and the beauty in diversity, all throughout the streets of the island’s capital city, Valletta.

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Notte Bianca Valletta Malta

Experience Notte Bianca Malta in Valletta

The city of Valletta is like an open-air museum all year round, with its fascinating architecture, streets steeped in history, and cultural events taking place everywhere you look. Notte Bianca will take place in Valletta on the 5th of October, 2019. Book your stay at AX The Saint John and immerse yourself in this night-long celebration of arts and culture.

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St. Dominic's Church

Celebrate the Feast of St Dominic in Valletta

The Feast of St Dominic will be held on 4th August 2019, with the major celebrations peaking on the 3rd August, the eve of the holiday. If you’re booking your stay at AX The Saint John in Valletta this August, take a walk through the vibrant streets and you will see people of all ages enjoying the wonderfully decorated buildings, fireworks and brass band marches.

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Delicata Wine Festival

Delicata Wine Festival Malta 2019

Choosing to stay in Valletta is always a good idea. You’ll find cultural events taking place around every corner in Valletta, and the annual Delicata Wine Festival is the perfect excuse to visit Malta this August!

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Visit the Most Romantic Places in Valletta

Whether it’s during the day or night, Valletta is a magical capital city. Considering that it’s one of the smallest capitals around, there’s always something new to discover in Valletta. In fact, Valletta for couples is a popular search and destination.

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