Let There Be Light – Valletta Christmas Lights!

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Love them or Hate Them – They’re Surely a Spectacle!


As the festive season draws near, the days grow shorter and weather gets colder, but there’s one particular activity that keeps the population’s spirits high and their hearts warm. The capital city of Valletta attracts crowds of people to see its unique, colourful and spectacular Christmas lights – and this year is by no means an exception!


Valletta, the city ‘built by gentlemen for gentlemen’, is an elegant location all year round, but it becomes especially magical when the Christmas decorations light up the streets during the winter months. During the month of November, Republic Street and the adjacent side streets are given a festive makeover with colourful light designs. Last year, Merchants’ Street was also lit up with similar designs as those in Republic Street. The Merchants Street Business Community Association collaborated with the Valletta 18 Foundation for the project, as Valletta neared the end of its year as European Capital of Culture. The festive lights are switched on during an intimate ceremony by the Minister of Culture, and it is expected that the city will honour the legacy of its title by continuing the tradition.


Every year, passers-by share their impressions of the Valletta Christmas Lights and often stop to take photos of the spectacular designs. Many even take to social media to post their favourite images under the festive lights, sharing the infectious Christmas Spirit in Valletta with their friends and family back home. While last year, the switching on of the new lights were impressive for many locals and tourists alike, they were not received without any criticism. Some people expressed their dislike of the festive designs, describing their extravagance as ‘too much’.



Valletta Christmas Lights, 2016


Valletta Christmas Lights, 2016


Valletta Christmas Lights, 2017


Valletta Christmas Lights, 2018

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Photo Credits go to Malta Inside Out, Times of Malta, TVM, Malta Today

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