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Meet Anthony A Valletta Underground artist and fortune Teller


When we say that you should ‘expect to find the most remarkable places and the most random things’ when you visit Valletta, we are not kidding. It is not every day that one gets to stumble upon an underground shelter and find Anthony, a 70 year-old fortune teller and artist, who merges his love for the city with his love of creativity.


After sadly losing both his wife and son many years back, Anthony needed something to fill up his time with. He allowed his favourite city to inspire and enhance his creative flair, and thus his extraordinary underground shelter, devoted to painting and fortune-telling, was born. His doors are open to everyone, from the early morning to the afternoon, but he does not sell his services. He simply does what he does out of sincere enjoyment and his passion for creativity.

Fortune Teller

Anthony explains how Malta is drastically changing over the years and yet Valletta is one of the few places where he can come and just unwind, catch up with a few of his friends and enjoy his surroundings.


Such bizzare findings within this culture-filled city is definitely a blessing towards AX The Saint John.


Calling such a beautiful, authentic, and original city like Valletta “our home” is an honour, and it is findings such as these that make this city such an incredible place to visit.


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