The Triton Fountain in Malta

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The legend of The Triton Fountain Malta returns to its rightful place in Valletta


Are you familiar with the legend of Triton? Let us brush upon your memory. Known as Poseidon’s son, Triton is a mythological Greek God and the messenger of the sea that now for many years has been guarding the entrance to the historic capital city of Malta. The Triton Fountain in Malta is an important modernistic landmark of Valletta that after almost a year-long restoration process was brought back to its rightful place.

The Triton Fountain Malta

Located right outside the main City Gate of Valletta, three half-humans, half-mermen are one of the first things everyone sees as they enter Malta’s historic capital. Majestically holding up a bronze platter, Tritons became a significant symbol of strength and the island’s relation to the Mediterranean Sea. Designed by Vincent Apap, the prominent structure was fully constructed and completed in 1959. It played an iconic role in many events and celebrations and was especially relevant in Republic Day festivities. With entertaining activities hosted at the location, a platform around the fountain plate was constructed and more events took place, including an infamous motorcycle climbing. This obviously led to serious amounts of deterioration and weakened the structure that required immediate attention.

The Triton Fountain Malta

The 4 million euro project was initiated to restore the Triton Fountain Malta to its former glory. The extensive rehabilitation took place as the Triton figures were restored to its original blue colour, new pipework and a new pump room were installed. Once again, the fountain will greet Valletta’s guests with the established momentum. Coming for the events of European Capital of Culture 2018? Don’t miss the chance to capture this majestic piece of art.


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Photo Credits go to Viewing Malta