Top 5 things to do in Valletta during your stay

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Culture, Shopping, Dining, and more! Here’s What to Do in Valletta!


A boutique hotel in Malta’s capital city, AX The Saint John encourages its guests to venture out and explore what our island has to offer. Our beautiful capital city Valletta is a historic site with a story waiting to be told around every corner. Not only is it teeming with culture but it’s simply rife with activities for people from every walk of life. Whether you’re staying in one of its charming boutique hotels, visiting one of its traditional Maltese cafés or posing with some of its iconic monuments, you’re sure to have plenty to write home about.


Here’s what to do in Valletta while staying at our boutique hotel in the capital.


Explore the views by sea

One of the more interesting aspects of Valletta is that it’s a peninsula. You can say that it is adorned with one of the most picturesque harbours in Europe. One can travel to and from Valletta by ferry to visit Sliema whilst taking in the view of Manoel Island, or to Bormla, whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the Three Cities.


One could also go around the Grand Harbour on one of the harbour cruises. They sail past the magnificent forts that guard our harbour whilst giving a detailed commentary and explanation of what happened in the two Great Sieges of Malta. Perfect to tickle any history buff’s interest.

What to do in Valletta - Sea Views

Immerse yourself in the culture

People can easily get lost in Valletta’s rich history with all the beautiful churches and monuments that can be found in its cobbled streets.


Valletta boasts over 25 churches, one of which is St. John’s Co-Cathedral. Its breathtaking interiors are not the only feature that distinguishes it from other churches. It is also the proud home to Caravaggio’s masterpiece, ‘The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist’.


Aside from the churches, one can also visit the many monuments that are spread all across the city. As many of these monuments can be found around or inside the Upper and Lower Barrakka gardens, you can take advantage of the wonderful views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities whilst learning more about the monuments’ stories.


Visit Museums

Valletta has a plethora of interesting museums displaying a variety of items. From the National War Museum in Fort St Elmo to the National Museum of Archaeology in Republic Street, there’s always something to pique your interest. One of the newer additions to the list is the Malta Postal Museum, which will surely be a dream to any stamp collector or enthusiast. If you’re an Arts fan, there’s a new museum in town, called MUZA. It’s Valletta’s new museum of art and it’s definitely worth a visit.


One of the more unusual attractions is the Malta Toy Museum which opened in 1998 and can be found right in the main street of Valletta. It is home to a large and impressive collection of toys from the 1950s onward including model planes, boats, Matchbox cars, farmyard animals, trains and dolls.


If you want to know more about Valletta museums, you can read our extensive guide here.

What to do in Valletta - War Museum

Bring out your inner foodie

With the number of restaurants in Valletta constantly growing and changing, it’s hard to walk through the main Valletta streets without falling victim to the glorious smell of food that emits from the nearby diners and cafés. One can find all types of cuisine from traditional Maltese food to Italian, Turkish to Oriental Cuisine.


If you’re interested in more of a hip and trendy, authentic pub-like experience, then Cheeky Monkey Gastropub would be more of your scene. If you’re looking for informal luxury, then, the recently opened 5-star restaurant, Grain is the right fit for you.

What to do in Valletta - Cheeky Monkey Gastropub


Of course, the best thing about Valletta is that its streets are lined with all sorts of shops! From the daily market which sets up just opposite the iconic parliament building to some of the more luxurious shops, we guarantee that there will definitely be something for everyone.


Whether its Carnival season, Christmas, end of year celebrations and even the traditional summer feasts, Valletta is always a bustling city, full of events, festivals and more. Book a room at a top boutique hotel in Malta, like AX The Saint John so as not to miss out on the fun!


Photo Credits go to Viewing Malta