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The Restoration Process of Palazzo Ferreria Is Coming to an End


Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, Valletta is the European Capital of Culture 2018 full of history worth exploring and preserving. Palazzo Ferreria, also known as Palazzo Buttiġieġ-Francia, is one of the most beautiful palaces found right next to the City Gates of Valletta. The building is certainly worth our attention and efforts of maintenance as it marks historical significance that later had an architectural impact on the rest of the Mediterranean island.

History Restored

Now considered as the first-grade national monument, it is the second biggest palace in Valletta that was built in the 19th century and designed by a Maltese draftsman and architect Giuseppe Bonavia. Besides endowing Valletta with La Borsa – his designed symmetrical and elegant neoclassical building now known as the Exchange Buildings, Giuseppe Bonavia also built St. Andrew’s Scots Church – the first Gothic style church on the island. However, the crafty architect’s biggest achievement was Palazzo Ferreria completed in 1897. With this Venetian Gothic architecture style palace, he was the first to introduce the colourful timber balconies – a trend that later spread through the island and now has become a symbolic mark of the Maltese architecture.

History Restored

Considering the significance of the historic palace and the run-up to prepare the city for the cultural buzz of the European Capital of Culture 2018, the façade of Palazzo Ferreria has undergone a one-year restoration project and has been recently revealed to the public. Previously used as a foundry of the Knights to manufacture armaments, now the palace hosts several shops and government offices and shines with new colours together with its restored look.

History Restored

Palazzo Ferreria before and after the restoration in 2017. Photo Rights: Wikimedia


A number of other heritage sites are underway to restoration and 15 of them are found in Valletta making it a reviving Capital definitely worth a visit. Planning your trip to Valletta? Why not stay @AXTheSaintJohnMalta? The hotel is just metres away from the most prominent historical monuments