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First, we eat, then we do everything else!


Yes, Maltese love their #food and they take the time to enjoy it before getting on with their days. Colourful flavours, inspiration coming from the local production, recipes that survived generations and influences of neighbouring countries – all this buzz came together to create a vibrant cuisine in the centre of Mediterranean making it a perfect food destination for holidaymakers and #FoodLovers.


The Maltese islands have a long history of settlers and invaders. Being centrally located in the Mediterranean, the islands were a perfect hub for by-passers to stay, recharge, refuel and eventually continue their journey. As the Maltese language, Maltese cuisine is also a mix of civilisations where you find traces of Italian, Sicilian, English influences as well as Spanish, French, Maghrebin, and a pinch of Arab and North African tastes.

Maltese recipes are mostly Mediterranean based, with an appreciated array of freshly caught seafood and fish such as Lampuki and Swordfish, locally grown vegetables and fruit, and very popular among tourists – crusty Maltese bread and oil. Maltese food is also rustic based on the seasons, especially when it comes to desserts and sweets that vary according to the festivities in the islands.


The cornerstone of Maltese street food is still owned by local traditions rather international mainstream chains. The most popular snacks are still ‘ħobz biz-zejt’ which is a traditional bread stuffed with a mixture of tuna and tomato paste (locally known as kunserva), and pastizzi which are fluffy pastries, stuffed with peas or ricotta cheese – cheap, quick and tasty – definitely worth a try!


And for the last part, some useful recommendations. When visiting the island make sure to look out for dishes such as: baked potatoes (patata il-forn), rabbit stew (stuffat tal-fenek), beef olives (bragioli) and practically all seafood. Keep an eye out for these weird looking words on menus and signs like: imqaret, ħelwa tat-tork and qagħaq tal-għasel – tasty local desserts to try for our adventurous travellers who choose Malta as their #FoodDestination!

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Photo Credits got to Viewing Malta