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Attend an all-night arts and culture festival at Notte Bianca Malta


The city of Valletta is like an open-air museum all year round, with its fascinating architecture, streets steeped in history, and cultural events taking place everywhere you look. There are so many fascinating museums to be explored here, too. But for one special night in October, every building opens its doors to the public up until the clock strikes midnight, while artists and performers bring the city streets to life.


Notte Bianca will take place in Valletta on the 5th of October, 2019. Book your stay at AX The Saint John to benefit from up to a 15% discount off your stay. Immerse yourself in this night-long celebration of arts and culture.

Visit museums in Valletta after dark

Valletta’s museums will open their doors to the public all night, encouraging visitors to step inside and learn about different aspects of Maltese history, art, architecture and archaeology, to name a few. Leave your planner at home and wonder freely through the streets, stepping inside the buildings you pass by to see what they have in store. Historical buildings and State Palaces that are usually kept private will also be open to visitors for just one night, allowing us to experience some of Valletta’s best-kept secrets! Did we mention that all these buildings can be accessed for FREE on the night?

Streets come to life at Notte Bianca Malta

Visual art exhibitions, theatrical performances, musicians and dancers will be putting on different shows in both indoor and outdoor venues all over the city. All the restaurants and cafés in Valletta will be open until late, so take a seat and enjoy the show! There will also be numerous food stalls lining the street if you want to grab a bite to eat on the go.

Notte Bianca Valletta Malta

Notte Bianca Malta Line-up TBA!

The Notte Bianca Malta line-up includes a mix of different genres and styles of performances, so there really is something for everyone. Last year’s Notte Bianca was the biggest edition of the unique festival so far, which saw international musicians and local talent coming together for an unforgettable evening. Some of the performers included electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream, Italian folk singer Vinicio Capossela, pop sensations Emma Muscat & Biondo and Ska revival band the Selector, among others!

Notte Bianca Valletta Malta

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Notte Bianca Malta 2019!


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Photo Credits go to Notte Bianca Valletta

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