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From Religious Processions to Traditional Easter Food – All You Need to Know About Easter in Malta


Malta likes to stick to its Catholic roots and a feast such as Easter has a very religious connotation to it which is why Easter in Malta is a big celebration. Apart from the beautiful weather and countryside during the spring season, here is why Easter in Malta is so special and why you should book your stay to visit our magnificent island.


Holy Week

As previously noted, Easter has a strong religious significance. Activities begin on the Friday preceding Good Friday with processions commemorating the statue of the Lady of Sorrows. The procession is normally held in Valletta and in other small towns and villages around the island.


Maundy Thursday

Towards the end of the Holy Week, locals like to celebrate Maundy Thursday. It is a tradition to visit seven churches in a night, also known as the ‘Altars of Repose’. The altars are beautifully decorated so this is a great opportunity to visit different churches around the island.

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Various processions are held on Good Friday to commemorate The Passion of the Christ. It’s a tradition for various locals, adults and children, to dress up as biblical figures, shepherds, Romans, Jewish priests and disciples. You will also see people dressed in white cloths and pointed hoods and these represent the faceless penitents.


Easter in Malta and its Traditional Food

Celebrations are in full swing after 40 days of Lent. Easter Sunday is celebrated through a procession with the statue of the Risen Christ. It is a tradition for the statue bearers to run to the top of the hill carrying the statue. After the procession, lunch is served with various traditional Maltese Easter food.


Enjoy the Weather

It is highly likely that the weather will be sunny and warm during this time of year. Enjoy the weather by taking walks along the countryside and enjoying the view. If you’re brave, you can also take a dip in one of our beautiful beaches.

Easter Figolla

Spend your Easter holidays in Malta and book your stay at AX The Saint John. There’s no other place we’d rather be.


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