Carnival in Malta

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Colourful Floats, Dancing, Laughter & Fun for Carnival in Malta


Carnival in Malta falls right before Lent – this year taking place right at the end of February. This is cause for celebration on the island. The festivities are characterised by colourful floats on vans and lorries for the Carnival procession, children wearing fancy costumes parading in Valletta and extravagant costumes in clubs and bars in Paceville.


The History of Carnival

Carnival in Malta is an old tradition that was run down from century to century –dating back to more than six centuries. The pioneers of the celebrations were the Knights of St. John. They introduced strength competitions and carnival balls to Maltese traditions which have maintained its popularity until modern times. Carnival in Malta grew in popularity and today it is enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike of all ages. The celebrations revolve around merriment, spontaneity, and just having fun.


What Are The Main Carnival Activities in Malta?

Valletta is the main hub for Carnival in Malta. Transforming Valletta’s streets into one big festivity, Carnival puts a smile on everyone’s face. Wild costumes, colourful floats, parades and processions, fun & music, dancing and children’s laughter are all prominent in Valletta during Carnival week.


Carnival in the capital always includes marching bands, children and youths in costumes roaming around the historic streets and dance groups performing in Pjazza San Gorg where families and friends can enjoy the show.


Carnival in Gozo

Apart from Valletta, various villages and towns around the island have their own celebrations. Another popular one is in Nadur, Gozo where Carnival is known to be more macabre and funny – more relatable and enjoyed by elder teenagers and adults.


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