How #AXTSJ_Valletta Came to Be

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Behind the Scenes Insights from the AX Director of Hospitality and Care


Striking the perfect balance between a clean aesthetic and sumptuous luxury, AX The Saint John is a unique boutique hotel in the heart of the Maltese capital, @Valletta. Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of Hospitality and Care, describes AX The Saint John as, “A place which is very direct, plain, but yet still very stylish, something that is reflecting today’s world; the lifestyle, dress code, and work of ethics.”


Ms Zammit Xuereb explains how this project had been in the pipeline for ten years before AX Hotels purchased two properties in a period of only one week. “We wanted to find the hotel with the right location, here being Merchants Street, an upcoming street in Valletta filled with boutique shops, boutique hotels, nice offices, coffee shops, and restaurants. We also wanted to find a property with the right size of rooms, not too small, not too big, we are a large local chain but we do not want to transmit that into the boutique hotel. So, this is our challenge, this is our first boutique hotel,” emphasises Ms Zammit Xuereb. Finding the right properties, therefore, was as much about location as much as it was about creating a special space with character and soul.


Valletta, which Ms Zammit Xuereb aptly describes as a “walking museum with a lot of charm,” has always been the focal point of Malta’s social and political life but it is nowadays increasingly being rediscovered and interpreted in fresh and meaningful ways. Within this context, AX The Saint John is not simply a boutique hobut with with the difference. Indeed, this striking difference with which AX The Saint John is imbued makes it immediately stand out among other boutique hotel options. When creating the storyboard for AX The Saint John, Ms Zammit Xuereb drew inspiration from the magnificent St John’s Co-Cathedral that is one of Valletta’s crowning glories, together with the exclusive feel of a club, and masculine tones. So, the halo was dropped in favour of a dapper #bow and AX The Saint John was created.

AX The Saint John is the embodiment of sophistication; a no-frills, direct type of sophistication…a #smart place for smart #people, in other words.


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