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Ryanair Introduces 12 New Routes


This year Ryanair is giving us an early Christmas gift introducing all travellers with another great reason to pack your bags and fly to Malta – a sunny holiday destination found in the Mediterranean Sea. Ryanair has recently informed the media that starting from summer 2018, 12 new directions will be added to already existing routes to the island. The new routes include Aberdeen, Belfast, Seville, Pescara, Bratislava, Gothenburg, Paris Beauvais, Porto, Tallinn as well as extended services to Barcelona, Naples and Riga.


The tiny Maltese Islands will now have 54 routes altogether to and from 18 countries, making it even more accessible and attractive to holiday makers and adventurers. This comes across as a very positive piece of information to many travellers who had the Mediterranean island on their bucket list of must-visits. It also brings the vibe of excitement to the local community. In addition, the Maltese will get a more diversified crowd of visitors as well as a great boost to the local economy.


Ryanair is Europe’s largest growing airline with 131million customers flying on more than 2,000 daily flights connecting over 205 destinations in 33 countries. In 2017, Ryanair has also become the first airline in Europe that has carried over 1 billion customers.


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