Valletta - The 2018 Capital of Culture

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Colour Fest: A Festival of Colour

Spring is here – not only officially with the start of the season but also with our lovely sunny weather, warmer temperatures and evident greenery. This means that its time for the annual spring festival – Colour Fest, the festival of colour.

Iconic Hairdresser in Valletta

If you haven’t heard about Denise Ciangura’s hairdressing shop, you’re probably acquainted with the infamous sign in Triq San Gwann, in Malta’s capital city. This hairdresser in Valletta has been open for 35 years now and it has seen Valletta change throughout the times.

Spending a Day in Valletta

If you’re visiting Malta, spending a day in Valletta is a must. Being the European Capital of Culture, Malta’s capital is the place to be, especially in 2018. Even though Valletta is a small city compared to other places, there are so many things to explore and experience in the capital.

Tal-Hwawar in Valletta

Valletta is scattered with hidden gems. While the whole world is striving to re-brand and modernise itself, some work hard to desperately stick to their roots. This reason, among others, is why Valletta still stands as a place of interest – a historical and time-honoured city.

Why You Should Spend Easter in Malta

Malta likes to stick to its Catholic roots and a feast such as Easter has a very religious connotation to it which is why Easter in Malta is a big celebration. Apart from the beautiful weather and countryside during the spring season, here is why you should spend Easter in Malta.

Meetings in the City

We know that meetings can be stressful so why not organise one in an awesome space? Valletta being the European Capital City of Culture for 2018, there’s no better place to hold your meeting while still appreciating your traditional roots.

Spend Your Valentine’s Day in Valletta

Valentine’s Day is only two days away. If you haven’t started planning this day for your special someone, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Being the European Capital City of Culture, Valletta is buzzing with events and activities all year round.

Carnival with Charles Briffa

The Carnival is here and whether you’re a big fan of these lively events or you simply don’t engage with them – the Carnival in Malta has an impeccable place in a lot of people’s hearts. Charles Briffa is one such individual.

A Chat with Jonathan Grima

Jonathan Grima, President of Società Filarmonica La Valette Band Club, was born and bred in Valletta. Mr Grima has been involved in this band club ever since he was three years old.

Carnival in Malta

Carnival in Malta falls in February and it is a big month for celebration on the island. The festivities are characterised by coloured floats on vans and lorries for the Carnival procession, children wearing fancy costumes parading in Valletta and extravagant costumes in clubs and bars in Paceville.

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