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#TSJ_Valletta Concept


AX The Saint John, a boutique hotel was once a former merchant’s residence and shop. It has now been elegantly converted to provide an intriguing and hospitable setting.


The building has been revamped to showcase its architectural features. While the furnishings might still have an industrial feel, it still provides warmth and style with a strong focus on guest comfort. The natural light from the central courtyard makes the entrance welcoming.


The property provides the latest technology for guests to enjoy the comfort and facilities needed and expected by the modern traveller.


Come and experience a unique and trendsetting hospitality. #GetComfy, access luxury and have a total control of your space #AtYourFingertips.

#TSJ_Our History


Let’s take you back to a time when AX The Saint John, as we know it today, was not in anyone’s plans yet. Merchants Street in Valletta was always buzzing with activity. Crowded with vendors setting up their own stalls, this street that you are now standing on, was the hub of our capital city. Locals used to buy and sell a variety of goods, exchange cereals and potatoes and the Valletta market was only a few streets away.


Research shows that the property was handed down from one family to the next, firstly, as a residential property. In 1668, Vincenzo Tommassini was the main resident of Property 176. Born in Palermo, Sicily, Tommassini resided in Malta until he passed away. He was known to be a religious man and he was also very generous with several churches in Valletta. Research shows that after his death, he left the house to the Confraternity of Souls in Purgatory, with the Church of St Nicholas, Merchants Street, Valletta.


In fact, there are other elements linking the property to the Church of St Nicholas. The floral decoration that still stands today on the main entrance includes a figure in a roundel representing a soul in purgatory. This is similar to a sculpted decoration shown on the side doors of the church. Research also shows that, the date 1870 that still survives on the building, suggests that the original baroque house may have been significantly altered or demolished and replaced by the present existing building.


In 1873, Dun Giovanni Sammut, a member of the Roman Catholic clergy, settled into the property and lived there for nine years. Following this resident, the next occupant might have been a relative of the former. Giuseppe Paolo Sammut shared residence of the property from 1873 till 1882 and he lived there for a total of sixteen years.


The property was then passed on to Eustachio Petrococchino, chief clerk of the colonial government of Malta. He settled into the property in 1933 and resided there up until 1938. In 1939, the property was taken over by Mgr Giovanni Formosa. Born in Cospicua, he was ordained a priest in 1893 and died in Valletta on 29th March 1941.


More recently, in 1992 Property 176 was owned by the Degiorgio family. Research shows that the family acquired it from the Church in Malta. By now, the property was being used for corporate and business purposes. The building was known to be a general store selling electrical appliances. George Briffa, the last owner before the present situation, gained the property in 2015.


On the 3rd of May 2016, the property acquired the name of The Saint John. Assigned to AX Group, AX The Saint John is now a boutique hotel in the heart of the capital city. What was once Property 176, has now been transformed into a smart space for smart people.

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